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The Venue at Stonebridge Ranch

6530 Virginia Pkwy

Mckinney, TX 75071



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littleguru • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
If they think you've done something wrong - even if you haven't - they will have at least a one page letter threatening you with legal action along with a large fine for whatever it may be.<br><br>I am absolutely amazed at the intolerance they have for real life situations. It is like they live in a bubble where everything is perfect and well structured and they continually reject reality with no rationale.<br><br>They only care about getting new residents - not taking care of their current ones.<br><br>They will continually try to raise your rent and we aren't talking pennies.<br><br>They installed a new gate system ... except they just can't seem to get this gate thing down. We have no need for a land line and moved from 817 area code. So now our friends or pizza guy has to either call us or wait for the gate to open because the gate cannot call an 817 number. Like the gate actually keeps "bad guys" out anyways. Just get rid of the gate unless you are going to put a guard there.<br><br>I continually see stupid decision after stupid decision made.<br><br>With all that said it is a beautiful place and the Silverstone (I think that is the name) floor plan is great. I originally went with this place because I couldn't get over how nice the place looked and how well the floor plans were laid out. Oh and their acceptance of pets. However, I cringe at the thought of moving out, knowing how they are now, what they are going to try to pin on me to fix. <br><br>I have signed another lease at a much higher rate than what I was originally paying because we will be building a house soon and do not want to have to move twice so quickly.
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The Venue at Stonebridge Ranch

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