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Oates Creek Apartment



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alysaface • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/10/2005
The apartments were good for a while.. Until they had a three months free special and all the trash and riff-raff started moving in. The people living next door to me had a one bedroom apartment.. with Three adults and Three children living in it. They were obnoxious having people knocking on their door loudly at all hours of the night waking me up. I reported them several times, and they never evicted the whole time we were living there. And they promised multiple times that they would take care of it for us. <br><br>AND HERE IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE PEOPLE!! <br><br>I left my apartment door unlocked at around 1 oclock at night while me and my boyfriend ran down to the car to get something just for like five minutes.. I came back upstairs on my own, walk into my home, to find a BIG OLD BLACK GUY in my bedroom going through my personal belongings, the crack-headed bastard then proceeded to chase me out of my own apartment in what i'm assuming was an attempt to hurt/rape/kill me. <br><br>I'm not even exxagerating. <br><br>What's adorable and lovely is that, while i was screaming my head off that this guy was chasing me, screaming help, NOT A SINGLE ------- PERSON opened their door or looked out their window or came outside to help. ------- ridiculous. <br><br>The apartments also would not let us move out, even though i was terrified to stay in my own home after that. So, we were stuck in the ---- hole apartments for a whole month after that.. after our lease was up.. <br><br>STAY AWAY FROM THESE APARTMENTS... they are not safe.. the people living in them are obnoxious, and you are screwed even if you get robbed, you are stuck in your lease.
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Oates Creek Apartment

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