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Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I have lived at this appartment complex for a little over a year and I have seen more roaches in my appartment then in my lifetime, they try to get them to go away by spraying but it only makes it worst, it is hard trying to clear a appartment complex that is infested with them unless you shhut the whole building down and blow the building up,also there is load music every night in the parking lot every night the grass is always soaked with water because the sewers are always backing up that I will not allow my kids to play in the grass or outside, oh and thank god there is a new manager, oh and dont let me forget the nasty water that they shut off all the tiome that has a sewer smell to it everytime you run it, I am always buying bootle water to cook with, and last but not least the wash house here that dont even has one working washer and dryer, and thenon intallated widows that seems l;ike they are open all the time, so if you mopve here look forward to a high energy bill, these appartments is a mess do not move here
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Westlake Village

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