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Chaparral Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
Welcome to the Chapparal Apt.s, also known as 'The Garfield ------'!! An assisted rent complex in Midland that features daily entertainment like- Upstairs neighbors that have more kids than could possibly come out of one womb, and no fathers to be found,That hold daily Riverdance classes, Field Day events, parties, with all including the 'Dory Funk' WWF Body Slam competitions at all hours usually reserved for sleeping or relaxing. A place where you can watch the Mexican neighbors beat their wives in the parking lot on slow days, or watch the black drug dealers marched out of their apartment at gunpoint by the local PD on the way to check your mail!! Where residents display their inability to park straight within one designated parking place,especially in front of your residence! And they swiftly haul off any unsightly clutter from your back patio, or pick-up bed, or interior of your car, like stereos, CD's, spare tires, tie-downs, dog leashes,or any number of items considered Pawnable. Not to mention being flooded-out by your upstairs neighbors negligence 3 times within 2 months! Then you can get up enough enough guts to carry laundry down to the laundry to find it locked, or have the machines opened and pawed thru and your time ran off the half washed clothes at $2.00 a load!! Then if a sticker on your vehicle runs out they will quickly try to haul it off for your convienience to pay towing and storage costs if you don't renew it that day!! Also neighbors throw their trash bags off of the upper balconies to be later drug to the dumpster by spitefull children who refused to carry it down the steps in the first place!!<br> Other than that,,,It's a wonderfull place to live!! :(
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Chaparral Apartments

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