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Hawthorne House

2811 W Loop 250 North

Midland, TX 79705



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2002
When we moved in we really didn´t know what we were getting into. The apt. that they showed us was nothing like what we are living in now, so don´t go by what you see in the "show" apt. Our apt. has major problems with the kitchen. First the counter tops look like they have been stained with something that looks like they left a glass sitting in bleach and has left white rings on the brown counter in several places. The stove works well, but the dish washer looks like it was from 1980 something and has holes in it!! I am lucky if my dishes get cleaned half the time. I have started to clean most of my dishes by hand because they just don´t get clean in <br>the dishwasher. Not to mention it is so loud, I can barely hear anything else while it is going. <br> The hot water heater works but is not great. If I take a bath I have to run all the hot water out and then put cold water in to offset the temperature to get in. I can never run the warm water because it will end up putting cold water in half way through. <br> There is adaquate storage space in the closets but not in the kitchen for a whole family. <br> If you move here for the short term, I think you can make due with what you have but I would seriously think twice about moving here for the long haul!
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Hawthorne House

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