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Remington Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2015
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Office Staff
I moved into an efficiency apartment in 2009. It wasn't cleaned up when I moved in. There were (and still are) three cans of spray paint that they obviously used to "touch up" the cabinets in the kitchen, and the sink in the bathroom has been "fixed" numerous times due to leaks under the sink and constant clogs. I had a pretty big problem with roaches upon move-in as well, as they loved to fester and multiply in the depths of the dishwasher (shudder). After many requests, someone finally came in and sprayed. I haven't had as much of a problem since, thank goodness. But you do have to put in a request to spray because they won't do it otherwise. You have to hound them a bit about fixing things, too. Also, if you move in here, the water is allocated per building. You're not just paying for what you use with water; you're paying an average for the water used for the WHOLE building, usually divided by however many apartments make up your building (usually about 8). Your bills can be as little as $30 or as large as $50. Is it fair that the tenants in the corner that have room for a washer and dryer pay the same as I do when I obviously use less because I live in an efficiency? But that's how it is, and it ain't changing. The windows are thin, and remind of me of the windows on old school buses. So when it's hot, it's hot; and when it's cold... well, you get the picture. The insulation isn't the best, but I cannot hear a conversation that my neighbors are having unless they shout, and I can't hear a toilet flush. The management for this property changes frequently, and now they've changed the name - Station 121 at Town Center. (What center??) That big makeover? They painted. The outside, not the inside. There are loud people who party on their balcony. I had a neighbor one time that sang with a drunken group on the balcony at 2am, and I called the police. They showed quickly, thank goodness. Also, I've read someone on here complain about having to get renter's insurance. You do have to get renters and have an account number for it when you sign your lease. While it does seem unnecessary to some, it has come in handy for me before. I've been robbed (thankfully not here), and the renters insurance covered everything stolen. You never know, and I'm glad to have it - just in case. You cannot pay rent online, you cannot pay with credit card, and there is no drop box for after hours. Since I have to go in and pay, I ask for a receipt every single time. I would suggest you do the same. Now, after all of this, I have to admit that I was grateful for this complex. I wasn't making much when I moved in, and at the time all I could afford was paying the rent and not much else. The problems I've listed (with the exception of the water allotment) I've experienced in every single place I've lived in. Every apartment complex has its ups and downs, and this place is no exception. The office staff isn't the nicest either, but since I've been looking for a slightly bigger place in nicer areas and I've been treated about as well as I've been treated here. I am still going to move though, as I just need a change. It isn't much, but if you are looking to save up or having a "fresh" start with somewhat lousy credit, I would recommend these because they are cheap. It's not like I am now rolling in cash or anything, but the affordability of this complex helped me get on my feet after a long spell of poverty and bad credit after a divorce.
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Remington Oaks Apartments

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