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Brookview Apartments



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ArborPointeisGAY • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
I can NOT wait until our lease is up. This is the by far the WORST apartment complex in Odessa. Arbor Pointe was not that bad until it was placed under new management. Lets begin with the outside. Our water is CONSTANTLY being turned off without notice (were talking at least twice a week) for "mantinance" by groundskeepers whom are CHILDREN and completely unprofessional. For some reason, the water sprinkler system is always broken and being worked on, but never seems to get fixed. This causes water to be sprayed all over my car unless I park on the other side of the parking lot. Lets move inside shall we? Our apartment was pretty clean when we moved in (mind you, it was under old management). The rooms and kitchen are small but the living room is not bad. Master bath is VERY tiny. But now, when asked to fix something, its like an inconvenince to the staff and they only do half the work they should. During the holidays, management took it upon themselves to come inside our apartment without giving us ANY type of notice (no note, no phone call, NOTHING) and resurface our bathtub. I guess they left the door open while they did this and left a sticky white residue on our TV, laptop and clothes. When we asked the management what they planned on doing about this, she said she would talk to some people and call us back. That never happened. All, in all, I give this place negative 10 stars out of 5. DO NOT BOTHER. Its hard to find an apartment in Odessa or Midland except for this place, and now you know why.
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Brookview Apartments

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