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Cinnamon Ridge Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Baffled! My Dad moved in August 2016, unfortunately he had health issues and began in hospital rehab beginning December. He payed December rent as he planned to return, unfortunately he had a spinal stroke after surgery on December 23rd. Cinnamon Ridge won't let us out of the lease! My Dad will forever be stuck in a hospital bed as a quadrapalegic, he can't return to an apartment EVER... a machine breathes for him and I'm told the "BEST" they can do is to let us out of paying for one month of the entire lease contract... which doesn't end until August. He still payed January rent, put in notice, turned in a letter from the hospital and this is all these heartless people can do. Moving all of his belongings out by Feb. 10th will save one month of rent.... all their "fees" for breaking the lease add up to $3,300!! WHEN to actually occupy the apartment until the end of AUGUST WOULD COST $4,000! How is this helping?! Don't trust this place! They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR TENANTS.... THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY. Unfortunate for them that I know my rights, I know his rights.... and I will pay a lawyer before I pay them a cent!
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Dear Sir/Madam: As the community manager, I value all feedback. My staff and I strive to provide our residents the utmost in customer service and resident care. Having said that, My door is always open to discuss any issues with resident lease-holder, either in person or by phone. If you do wish to contact me, please feel free. Again, thank you for your feedback. When we know better, we do better. I will be looking forward to discussing this with you in the future.

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Cinnamon Ridge Apartments

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