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Sevona Tranquility Lake



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
All in all this is a pretty good property. I have lived here almost 4 years. Management has changed probably 10 or more times during these four years. Don't really know why, but not good. Basically the only complant I have is a couple of residents lets their big dogs run loose. Again this morning the German Shepherd was running loose. I don't who this woman is, but she needs to walk her dog on a leash like the rest of us. She is not living in a house & this property is not her back yard. As for management I know quite a few complaints have been made to the office on this matter. There is a list of dogs not allowed on this property within our lease & German Shepherds is on that list. This dog has charged at me & my dogs several times. And as I understand has gotten after some others. If this problem is not taken care of, a law suit may be in the future for the woman owning the dog & property for not taking care of the problem. Right is right & wrong is wrong. Seems to me this woman should have a choice to make. Either walk your dog on a leash & control him like the rest of us. If that can't be done get rid of the dog or move. I enjoy living here, I've have no problems with anyone be management or residents others this problem. Dogs like this does not belong within a apartment community. I really hope this gets taken care of before some gets hurt.
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Sevona Tranquility Lake

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