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Cottonwood Ridgeview

9100 Independence Parkway

Plano, TX 75025



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
I moved into Courtney Manor while the apartments were still being built. My fiancee and I tried to carefully choose an apartment that had all of the amenities that we were looking for, as well as a reasonable price for those amenities, and also a place that looks nice. <br>When we initially moved into Courtney Manor we did not have any major issues. The staff was very friendly, the neighbors were really polite, and it seemed as though everything was in perfect working condition. <br>When the season began to change we had a horrible cricket problem... and when I say horrible, I mean horrible. I would be afraid to even enter my restroom because there would be at least 5 crickets in my bath tub every single day. I have no clue how crickets ended up in my bathroom because we entered through the garage and tried to very carefully enter without crickets... I never really saw crickets in the garage. <br>When the cricket season was over our new neighbors moved upstairs above our apartment. OMG!!! This was the worst experience. We could hear conversations in detail that our neighbors had. I knew my neighbors name having never met him. I could hear their dog running around the apartment all the time. I was kept up all night because of the loud conversations, the dog running around, and many other things. <br>I am never the type of person to complain... I usually like to just stay to myself and not bother anyone, but I had to finally complain to the manager. After speaking with her I was told that I had to contact the Onsite Security Officer every time that I had any issues. This never really happened because the security officer never answered. The office has also had a huge turn over. When I first moved in the entire staff remembered my name, they always called me by name, they had great customer service,and seemed to enjoy their jobs. <br>The new staff is less than courteous, they spend all of their time outside at the pool swimming, and no time actually taking care of anything. No one ever knows who you are, and they have personal phone conversations and conversations with each other rather than assisting people that come in. I once went into the office and I was waiting before a lady who walked in. A girl came in and asked another girl what we needed and she said, "Oh she lives here." and helped the other lady ahead of me. I will be definitely moving out of this apartment because I no longer feel as though it is as nice a complex as it once was. There should be some changes in getting a nicer staff, thicker walls, and something done to keep bugs from coming inside the homes... Good Luck to anyone looking for an apartment, but I would not recommend that anyone move to Courtney Manor.
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Cottonwood Ridgeview

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