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Creekside at Legacy Apartments

6300 Windcrest Drive

Plano, TX 75024



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2005
past and present. The only positive ones on here appear to have been written by management and they are blaming the people complaining just like they do to tenants living there. It's the Equity Property code of ethics, "BlAME THE TENANT" in any and every why that you can. Those considering leasing here need to check out how many complaints and lawsuits have been filed against Equity Property and Creekside - go to website Creekside Homes and read what happened to these people and there will be two more web sites put up. The complex very bad construction and I can hear the people above me. I can't wait to leave here and I have talked to many others who feel the same. This place blames the tenant for everything. I was told that I must just be sensitive to sound. As I hear people walking, talking and banging around over my head. There is a class action suit getting ready to be filed against this complex. There are more than thirty residents past and present who have been lied to and damaged by this property. The past residents who have complained on this are telling the truth. You will have either white or black dust on you furniture from the poorly built and proberly mold infested air vents and no one will do anything but tell you that you are the only one complaining when many are.Your Ac and heatig bills will be twice as high as anything you have ever exerienced because of the thin walls and no insulation. The management compensates these major defects by lying and blaming the tenants. Be aware and read all the posts and don't beleive their lies. If you do you will be miserable and looking for anothter place to live. The management are a bunch of lying phonies. All they care about is getting you in. They want to make their 'quota' or whatever that level of person is trying to do.Also now Equity is trying to sell their tenants insurance. They are nothing but a big corportation trying to suck the public in anyway that they can, having to liabiliity themsleves and pleasing their stock holders so they can make more money. check out what they did to tenants in Florida. They are uncaring crooks.The management will tell you anything to get you to lease there.
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Creekside at Legacy Apartments

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