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Legacy Village Luxury Apartments



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darkmn82 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
Okay,<br><br>I have lived in Legacy Village for 8 months now. Here is my take on the place: <br><br>The good is: <br><br>1-Great are to live in with The Shops at Legacy a 5 minute walk.<br><br>That's All. <br><br><br>The Bad. <br><br>1- Management. Rude, rude, and more rude. To ask for assistance is like pulling teeth with these people. For all of you people on this web site saying the problem is not Legacy, you are nuts! 45% of the peopl on here does not reccommend this place. Wake up!! You probably never had to deal with management. <br><br>2. Maintenenace - Very poor. I needed simple splash guard (that was NOT there when I moved in) in my kitechen. I requested that it be fixed 4 times over a 4 month period. All I got every time was that the part was on order and has not arrived yet. We are talking about a $2.00 peice of plastic that they could have gotten from Home Depot!! I finally gave up asking, and still have not have the splashguard installed in my kitchen. Do you think Legacy Village contacted me about this? No way! <br><br>3. Parking - Parking is generally ok. I live alone so I always manage to find a spot in the lot. If you get in late (say from partying), you will only have spots available farthest from your building. <br><br><br>4. Cleanliness - It seems the common areas of the building I live in are never cleaned. There is trash, leaves, old mail and anything else you can think of floating around the halls and in the common areas. Peopl also place their trash outside their doors. I suppose they are too lazy to walk it down to the dumpster so they let their nasty trash permeate the hallas with aroma! <br><br>5 - Noise - You can forget about getting any good sleep in this place. People are inconsiderate, playing loud music, jumping around on floors (people in top floors), and just being loud. It feels more like a college or military dorm than a place of residence. Legacy has one so-called guard that supposedly answers complaints of noise from residents. Oh, almost forgot. After 6 p.m., Legacy has an answerring service that handles complaints, not Legacy employees. We all knjow that those answering services are a step short of talking to automated machines.<br><br>I have more to say, but I am tired of writing. For all of the people on this site saying that Legacy Village is a great place, understand that just because your experience has been positive, it doesn automatically make it a great place. I ask you to look at other apartment complexes comparable to Legacy, and you will not find one that has a reccommendation rate of 55%! Think about this. This means that of 100 people, 45 would not live in Legacy again!<br>
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Legacy Village Luxury Apartments

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