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Legacy Village Luxury Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 04/07/2007
For the most part, I enjoyed living here because of the area it was in. Love the shops and bars and restaurants. Nice place to walk around....lots of people & always something to do. BUT...here are some things that are bad about Legacy Village:<br><br><br>Parking sucked something terrible, but I knew that when I moved there. It's obvious that when you move to an area people visit, parking tends to fill up...<br><br>The walls were pretty thin. I heard the neighbor's running water, walking around, etc...and it was noisy in those breezeways-you can hear everyone coming and going.<br><br>The apartment staff were kinda stuck up. I try not to judge people so quickly, but I know how I act at my job...I deal with so many people a day and I would never treat my customers/clients like they do. You walk in the office with a need and they just look up at you with a look of disgust while talking to their friends on the phone...and they messed up my move-in, gave my first choice apt to someone else! <br><br>They don't tell you when you have a package. Oh, this irritated me. I was scared to order stuff online and whatnot because they just stick the package in a "gated" corner of the office....they don't even check to make sure you are taking YOUR package! Someone could easily steal someone else's package.<br><br>If you can get over having to park a mile from your apt, noise and some snobs, you'll love it. <br>Austin Ranch was better. (staff is snobby there too)
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Legacy Village Luxury Apartments

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