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Mission Gate

8025 Ohio Drive

Plano, TX 75024



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moogoo • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
There are plusses and minuses. We lived on the 2nd floor in a 2 bed 2 bath with attached garage.<br><br>Rent: You won’t realize how discounted the first years rent is since they don’t mention 1 month off etc. They have a 60day vacating notice, which means they can by law increase the rent over 10% when you renew.<br><br>Pests: My wife was stung multiple times in the children’s playground by wasps. Thankfully my 2yr old was not. For 2 weeks we had a mouse in the garage. The traps did not get it but it had left by itself after chewing on some plastic items.<br><br>Floor-plan: Modern with garden tubs. The mod baths take away square footage so a 1000sqft apt would compare to an old fashioned 850sqft apt. They are supposedly wired for surround sound and security which we did not use. <br><br>Deposit: There was no deposit but we were charged (prorated) for replacing all the carpet due to a couple of brown stains. Staff went on like a broken record about the brown stains as if they could only be poop not coffee, tea, etc. We had the living room covered with a rug throughout. Take photos/videos when you move in/out!<br><br>Parking space: Be prepared to pay for a carport or walk.<br><br>Utility bills: Electric was well over 200 in the peak months. Water is charged through a 3rd party at much higher rates than the city of Plano.<br><br>Repairs: Fixed promptly in most cases. You can submit requests and pay rent online.<br><br>Noise incidents: <br>* For a few weekends there were motorcycles racing late at night inside the community. <br>* For a few months the woman upstairs made very loud sounds when she walked with shoes on the non carpeted areas of her apartment.<br>* Once there was a -------- and African guy involved in loud pushing and shoving. Luckily it did not escalate. <br>* For a few weekends there were some white folks out in the patio laughing so loud you’d think they were on pot.<br>* Since our apartment was located on garages below anytime someone blasted their car stereo below it was party time in the apartment.<br><br>
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Mission Gate

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