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Old Shepard Place Apartments

1520 Preston Rd

Plano, TX 75093



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ntvtexan • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I have been here for 5 months and here is my review: <br>THE GOOD:<br>1. Management is friendly and seem willing to help. <br>2. The maintenance workers are great and seem to go out of their way to take care of problems. <br>3. Location is nice with few ------ wannabees (which is why I relocated from Dallas). It is peaceful and quiet, however, do to the overwhelming population of Indian/Pakastanis, you have to keep your eyes out for children riding blindly through the entry/exits and darting out in front of cars while their moms are engaged in conversation on the stairways. I guess every place has tradeoffs. <br>4. Covered parking is nice and so is the carwash. <br>5. Beautiful landscaping. <br><br>The Ugly: <br>1. Capstone Properties seems to only want to maintain (somewhat) the complex and not spend any money on upgrades. The complaints about the gates go unheeded (look back at previous comments about the complex), only excuses are given ie. "We are working on it....yes, it does take 3 months to order a new motor for an electric gate." Not to mention the three bars that are missing, allowing anyone entry off of Preston. <br>Since a 700 sq ft apt runs a little under $700, one should expect updated appliances for that kind of money (albeit in a nice location). <br>2. I have never in my life seen a complex waste so much water. Right now, Plano is down 11 inches on rainfall for the year and every morning, noon and night there are rivers running thru the complex. Since one of the managers lives on the site, one can only assume that noone cares.....I guess that our water usage is why the rents are so high. <br>3. The vacuum in the wash bay hasn't worked since June. Perhaps management could actually walk around the complex and look for things to fix. That is a sign of good management. Maybe even provide a broom so that people could sweep all the water that gathers in the wash bay into the drain. <br>4. Enforcement of no soliciting of coupons and flyers from restaurants that I find on my door. If I need a coupon I can look in the back of the Yellow Pages. <br>5. Enforce the large quantites of childrens toys in front of many buildings. Children are great, but keep their toys INSIDE your apartment. This is an apartment complex, not your yard.<br><br><br>Overall: A good place to live, even better if management put a little effort and money into the jobs at getting things fixed. At the very least, now they do not even have to leave their chairs, they can read everyone's comments on this site. <br>
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Old Shepard Place Apartments

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