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Old Shepard Place Apartments

1520 Preston Rd

Plano, TX 75093



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closecall63 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
It's time for a more recent review. If I can save the life of one person by this review, it'll be worth it. I'm not just being funny. I COULD HAVE DIED IN THIS APARTMENT--literally. You see, the appliances in these apartments are generally ancient--the original appliances installed when they were built. I was really dismayed upon move-in (previous to which it seemed odd to me they could NOT show me the ACTUAL apartment I would be moving into, even though it was vacant--they could only show me a model, and even that was for a different layout) to discover how old and beat-up the washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher and microwave were. Topping things off, the apartment was THE, bar none, DIRTIEST, most unclean place I have ever moved into--I was furious and wrote a detailed letter to management covering all the things that were unclean, beat-up, scratched, etc., to cover my --- when I moved out. There was sllimy gunk of some sort all over the kitchen cabinets, and giant, sticky dust bunnies all over the top of the cabinets and cabinet doors. There was bad mold along the inside of the windows and closets. The oven was really scratched up, and so was the dishwasher. The LED readout on the microwave was barely visible, it was so old. I had to spend a couple of hours cleaning the place up after requesting that they do it, which they ignored. One request, that they replace the rusty, bent-up cabinet hinges in the bathroom, which I thought were a hazard to my small child, was totally ignored. Things were just beat up and scratched up all over. The bathroom walls had a fresh coat of paint--RIGHT OVER a lot of HAIR that the previous tenant had blown onto the walls drying their hair, I guess. The place had a smell, also--this old, dank, stale smell. But on to the washer and dryer, which are included (a positive in a world of very few positives). They were OLD. I mean, TIME FOR THE JUNKYARD. I tried the dryer and it smelled like something was on fire...something electrical. I asked for it to be replaced. Instead, they replaced the washer, which was OK but the dryer was what needed to be replaced. They said nothing was wrong with the dryer. The whole time I lived there, I was concerned about the dryer to the point of worry, since I swear it smelled really bad, like it would catch fire if left on too long. I asked a few times for it to be at least looked at. They looked at it and said it was fine. So, defeated, I got into the habit of using it only briefly, enough too dry my clothes a bit, after which I hung them to dry. Well, one time I turned on the dryer and got into doing something else and forgot about it--until I smelled the FIRE. Yes, the FIRE. I raced into the little laundry room, yanked open the dryer and saw FLAMES through the little holes in the drum...the motor was on fire! I yanked the cord from the wall and shut the dryer door and it died out. If I had not been there, or if I had been asleep, it would have been BAD. I can't understate this. So I demanded that it once and for all be replaced, and with a NEW dryer. So they bring in another, identical OLD dryer instead. The nerve! They are lucky I was there to keep the building from burning down.<br><br>Previous to this, and this brings up another aspect to these apartments, there was a number of residents burning open-flame candles right up against their wooden door jambs for some sort of religious observance. There are a lot of -------/Pakistanis/whatever in this complex, which makes it very quiet (another positive), but also a little disconcerting for a number of reasons. The candle thing bothered me enough to request that the fire department put a stop to it, but when I called them they actually said there was nothing they could do unless the building was on fire, even though in my mind it was obviously a fire hazard. These candles were very small and were right up against wood door jambs--a small breeze could have easily moved the flames to the wood. This went on for 2 or 3 nights and boy, did I sleep bad those nights. Switching gears now, one thing to know is that there is a LOT of Indian cooking going on here, and so there is a prevalent curry smell, which can be overpowering at times. <br><br>To sum up, this complex looks pretty nice from the outside, but be prepared once inside to feel like you are living in a dangerous, smelly dump. This place reminded me of the first rat-trap apartment I had at age 19. There was a major ant problem in the warmer months, which got really old and required me to be VERY diligent about crumbs and wrapping food throughly when I threw it away. I had to personally caulk holes in different places where I discovered ants coming in.<br><br>The location is great, though. I suppose that is how they can get away with charging what they do, considering they spend no money on upgrading anything you can't see from the outside.<br><br>Oh, yeah: the security gates (3 of them) are often broken, literally off the tracks, or are wide open. Also, there are a few places in the fence where people walk right through. The pedestrian gate to the left of the office is always broken and open. Parking is good but you also have to be very diligent about things left in your vehicle that might be stolen, and about parking next to junkers that might bang their doors into your car. I had people banging their doors into my car all the time--must be an Indian thing (that's a joke, but I have no other explanation for the prevalence of it there).<br><br>If you move in near the guy who drives the City of Dallas Fire Inspector car (ironic, huh), look out--he really banged up my car--in two places. $1000 deductible for me to get it fixed.<br><br>The people who work there are nice, and they do respond well to leaky faucets, etc. There is one gal in the office who seems very fake, but the rest seem nice. And I did get my deposit back--I was prepared to raise hell if I didn't, since I left that place 100 times cleaner than when I moved in.<br><br>I couldn't wait to get out of that place. It was miserable there, but it could have been worse--this is the only place I've ever lived where there was NOT a problem with noise or with people loitering in the parking lot or partying loud in their apartments.
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Old Shepard Place Apartments

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