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Summer Meadows

6000 Ohio Dr

Plano, TX 75093



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2005
When I moved in the place looked really nice and the people in the office seemed to be great! My mistake ever since they changed the management team in the office no one is helpful and they always tell you to call back later or don't even speak english. How is someone supposed to conduct business with someone who can't even speak or understand what you are saying. <br><br>The other issue is the maintenance team who doesn't really seem that bright. After asking them to replace the filter in my air conditioner unit I was told the air conditioner worked fine with and without the air filter. WHAT? So I had to go back to the office and ask for them to replace the filter again and finally it was completed properly. It seems that I would be better off if I had done the maintenance myself since the maintenance crew doesn't know what they are doing.<br><br>The other issue is when you walk in the office it seems to be the most unfriendly place that I have walked into. It's almost like you are putting them out to ask them to do their job. When I asked the girl in the office to get a couple of packages for me that had been delivered by FedEx she went and found the package and then proceeded to kick it on the floor to me and then walked off. After getting her attention again I told her that there was still another package and she proceeded to tell me there is anything else and walked off. Since I knew that the package was supposed to be in a larger box I ended up finding the package myself by the copier. <br><br>Now, the residents that are moving into the apartments are very shady. Just this week there were some people in the middle of the parking lot throwing a football and letting it hit cars in the parking lot if they missed the ball and didn't seem to care at all. If I wanted to live the getto I would have moved there but obviously the management of these apartments don't care who moves in as long as they get their money.<br><br>Do not move here!
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Summer Meadows

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