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The Lincoln at Towne Square Apartments

8205 Towne Main Drive

Plano, TX 75024



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hadlock • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
Everyone I bring to my apartment is always impressed with the place. We managed to score one of the last reasonable rents in the place... rent is going for above $900 now for 2Bdrms. The buildings definately have "curb appeal" and I'm proud to bring dates back to the apartment.<br><br>Parking is insane. As long as you get home and stay home before 8pm, you're golden. If you get home before 6 you might be able to walk less than 100 feet to your apartment! If you have to run to Walmart after 9, be prepared to walk from the other side of the complex (for the apartments nearest Ohio, at least). I unfortunately work the night shift and don't get home before 1am. There have been times when I've seen 2-3 people driving around in the rain looking for a spot. Garages are avalible, which give you an additional parking spot next to your building, but other than that there's no such thing as assigned parking. Good luck having friends over after work. They're building a strip mall on the land surrounding the apartments, so I'm not sure if that will positively or negatively affect parking.<br><br>Keeping the apartments cool is a disaster. To keep the noise down, they built all the apartments seperate from eachother for the most part. As a result our corner apartment is exposed on 3.5 sides, and even turning the AC off from 8am-5pm, and setting the thermostat to 82, our electric bill in august/september this year (06) was $250-275. Typically with the heat off and using laptops/no TV we average $80/month in the winter. There's no apparent insulation between the floor/celings; when our downstairs neighbor turns on the heat, our apartment bumps right up to 75 degrees, and when they turn it off it goes back down to about 60 degees. Yeay for us; terribly expensive for them.<br><br>Dishwasher went out twice in one week, water heater died the month before that. Bathroom sink tends to clog very easily (i've never had this issue any other place I've lived, AND I'm a guy). Bathtub drips occasionally. The kitchen is the smallest I've ever been in, for such a huge apartment. Am I supposed to eat out every night? There's about 6sq of usable counterspace for cooking.
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The Lincoln at Towne Square Apartments

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