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1515 Rio Grande Drive

Plano, TX 75075



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2005
I have to admit the Brentdale has come a long way with their cosmetics.The curb appeal is a great way to attract new residents. But after you sign on the line and are committed to a lease things change.<br> Your apartment will probable look nice also,but after you move in the hidden factors take over.There are sewer lines that back up and paper and feces will bubble out of the ground beside the building.When this happens your sinks and toilets will back up into your floor. If you are lucky you will be home at the time so you can report it because it will be two to three hours before any one responds to fix it.If you happen to be out of town when this happens and it doesn't affect some one else's apartment so it is reported, then you will have your carpet and whatever is on the carpet ruined beyond salvage.they will try to come in and replace the padding and clean the carpet instead of replacing it, if you let them get away with it. If you don't have a problem with the sewer, then your apartment is likely to be a rain forest. Water lines will break in your ceiling flooding your apartment.It will be repaired but will eventually break again in a spot farther along flooding your apartment again. The water line to the washer in the apartment upstairs will break or the airconditioner upstairs will leak. It is my recommendation that you choose an apartment upstairs, but that means climbing three flights of stairs.If you have to live on the bottom floor look closely at the ceiling before you lease because it will show how many past repairs have been made to the sheetrock due to water leaks.They have spent alot of money repainting the exterior of the apartments and remodeling the office to attract new residents but the fact remains that the plumbing,appliances and airconditioning are all over twenty years old and they are patching these things instead of replacing them. your burners on the stove will work at will and you will have to be prepared to buy ice because the icemaker probably will not work and they will work on it six or eight times before replacing it.There is also a lot of crime. Do not leave anything in your car you want to keep and you will have to replace your windows in your car often.
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