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Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/26/2007
THIS JUST HAPPENED TODAY 3/26/07<br><br>Two weeks ago, I put in a service request for a window replacement (ours had a giant crack in it). At that time, they said that they would call me and set a date and time for when they would come replace it. Sounds great right?? WRONG!!!! They show up at my apartment while I am at work (even though it says on the work agreement "by appointment only"). The guy or whoever the heck it was, tracks in tons of mud, which somehow also ended up in my bed. He never finished installing the window, even though it is pooring down rain outside. Somehow managed to get sticky sealant and crap all over the carpet, leaves the screen laying against a wall that has nice work ties hanging on it, goes through almost EVERY personal belonging in the apartment (I have not found anything missing YET). This is not all of it!!! He left the light on in the bedroom, dumped out a basket of clothes all on the bed, and tied the blinds to one of our lights to hold it back. I mean this is absurd to have to deal with this, of course we have attempted multiple times to contact management, via email, phone, any possible way. I have lived in this place for 5 freakin years and this is how they keep thier half vacant apartment complex tenants happy???? Listen to myself and (seems like) the only remaining tenants' recommendation to stay far far away. This place used to be so nice and a great place to live, but now if you can't trust your landlord anymore, who can you trust?<br><br>
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