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Stonegate Manor Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I was on the waiting list for over a year. I put all my history on the app. in black and white. I was up front about everything. I was evicted from the house I was living in because my now ex boyfried decieded he didnt want to work any more. They were aware of this fact. The 1st time I came up the denied me cause we owed back rent. They told me to pay it off and reapply. So I did. The 1st time they were gonna give me a 3 bedroom because of the age of my oldest daughter. The 2nd time I applied they said I could only have a 2 bedroom. I told Ms. Sampson that the previous time it was a 3 because of the age of my oldest daughter. She said I didnt quailfy for the 3. They called me about 3 months later and told me I could start the app. process again. Then called me back later in the day and told me I could have the 2. I had to have a 3 because of the age of my oldest. They put me back on the BOTTOM of the list. I dont think I should of been put at the top of the list but put according 2 the date I turned in the 2nd app. I waited 5 months. They finally called me again. I went thru tha app. process again & was denied because I was evicted. Im sorry but thats BULL!!! They knew from the start. It was on both apps. I filled out. I waited for almost 14 months for this place. Ive been stuck in literally 1 bedroom with my 3 kids at my mothers house all this time. Unfortuneatly this is the only apt of this kind here accord to the Port Arthur Housing Auth. Ive been employed at my current job for almost 3 years. Unfortunately I dont make a lot of money. The office staff werent exactly rude but they were not friendly or helpful. They could of told me from the start and I would not of wasted my time. I had opportunity to move out of state but I wanted to stay close to family. "Pay off what you owe and it should be no problem" These people wasted my time and cost me what could of been something good.
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Stonegate Manor Apartments

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