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Stonegate Manor Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I lived in Stonegate Apartments for 1 year. First lets start with the office staff, the manager ----- is pretty nice but if you piss her off even just once you'll be on her bad side forever and she'll be a sarcastic b****. The other ----- lady is pretty sweet she can come off as a little rude sometimes but I just think its because she ----- and ----- people are just snappy sometimes. The apartment itself wasnt bad. The paint on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets is really cheap, its this brownish paint that comes right off if you wipe it, leaving a lighter brown very noticeable spot where you wiped. They laid new carpet down in my unit, had no issues with that. The walls where thin and very easy to penetrate and hear whats going on in the apt next door. There was mold all around my patio door and paint specs all over the glass. The rails on the outside of the patio wobbled and where really rusty. Overall the apt was decent for being a HUD unit. Had problems with my fridge constantly not working properly which leads me to the maintanence crew, they are not very knowledgeable, they're nosey they creep around the apartments all the time spying on people mostly the skinny one with the glasses. They ride around in those carts EVERYWHERE even down the street to the convenience store! The complex overall wasnt bad it was quiet in my section especially at night. My neighbors where all nice and we got along good. There is a few stray dogs that run around the complex they need to get rid of. When I first moved in there was a roach problem but I sprayed and fogged my apt constantly and pest control came around maybe twice a month after a while the roaches disappeared I just kept clean. There's a ton of unsupervised kids that run around and sometimes play in the parking lot in the way if you are trying to pass but they are just kids being kids. I hate that they dont have garbage cans they just have this one big dump bin in the front. They have 2 days where trash is supposed to be placed outside on the sidewalk but people dont always follow that rule so there's sometimes trash sitting around ouside.The gates never work they are always open, pointless. There is a courtesy policeman that ------------------ he patrols the complex sometimes. I would recommend this complex to anyone who has nowhere else to go or is just going to be there temporarily. This is not somewhere you would want to permanently live especially if you have kids.
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Stonegate Manor Apartments

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