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Westbury Square



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Westbury Square Apts. Be Aware!!!! From day one this place has been a problem! Here is my problem now, we moved out 2 days before our move out date Jan 29th. I scrubbed that place from top to bottom. Our carpet was clean, never spilled a thing on it. Actually that carpet was damaged from the sun, so it’s been in there a while. However those 2 costs were 110.00 to be exact, they also charged me 2.00 for a lightbulb, filters (which were free monthly for ya to pick up) I removed them so they knew they needed replaced 5.00, drip trays for the oven 12.26. A total of 129.96 for normal wear and tear to an apt. The water bill is an acceptable thing, but I could of paid my own bills, I don’t need someone to pay those for me. Anyway, what can a person do? Take them to court? It is pointless, however shaming and blasting them seem like the next best thing. Let’s not forget all the pain and suffering of this place along the way for 6 months. 1st day, AC unit goes out while moving in on Aug 2nd. Replaced a couple weeks later and left kitchen covered in black debris. 2nd, toilet broke two days later 3rd, installed portable AC broke screen when he installed it, requested one for the whole 6 months. 4th, the door had air and light coming through it, had to fix on our own. 5th, had to deal with the repairs from hurricane starting at 6:45am every single day for 4 months even on weekends (1 bedroom apt). 6th, several water issues leaking in the kitchen from AC, when roofers decided to take tarp off to fix roof and it started pouring. 7th, my other half and I were sick for a month and we requested a black mold inspection, they threw a fit. While waiting for the results, they had a vent company clean our vents, well apparently they didn’t do their job properly, we had debris all over our apt. Contacted office explained what happened said I will take a note of it, started cleaning apt, went to laundry mat, they got mad because we cleaned it. They never said don’t touch anything be right over. This led into a huge argument which Kim said you can’t have if both ways a clean apt and the vents cleaned. I gave them a receipt from the laundry mat, never heard a word or received anything. A few days later They said no black mold, but our bathroom constantly had mold coming through the tile. They treated us like garbage the last 3 months of our lease. They act like 2 year old children and cry if you hurt their feelings for asking them to do their job! 8th, our sink clogged every 3 weeks. 9th, no privacy 10th, asked them to fix stuff (like the door) they never showed up. I have several documents to prove everything to be accurate and true. This place is a joke and if you rent plan on them keeping as much of your deposit as they can!
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Westbury Square

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