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Office Staff
Resident 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
Granted, it's been a couple years since I lived there but this was on the very low end of my experiences renting an apartment. Perhaps my expectations were too high because of the premium rent, but still I was disappointed in a number of ways.<br><br>First the ridiculous, strict rules. After visiting the pool, you'd better not hang your towel on your balcony railing to dry. It took less than 3 hours of towel hanging for me to get a management office nasty-gram on my door. I guess it didn't help that I lived in the same building as one of the office managers, but still a very negative way to treat a tenant (customer!).<br><br>The effectivess in addressing service issues among the worst I've experienced too. When I reported an issue with buzzing gnats in my otherwise clean kitchen and requested pest control I was told by the woman in the office to simply to 'not use my sink for a few days to let the drain dry out'. My kitchen sink! They would take no other action.<br><br>Although the sales pitch and leasing office were very fine, and the units themselves were above average in quality, after signing on the dotted line the service and management attitude just sucked.<br><br>On the bright side, apparently almost none of the same people still work in the office today in 2005 that worked there in 2000 so hopefully your experience will be better in these regards.
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