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PhoenixEdge • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
The internet here sucks. The owners of the apartment complex signed a 10 year deal with SBC 7 years ago where only SBC can provide internet, phone, and TV services. And despite the fact that there is fiber to the curb here, the ONLY connection speed anyone can get is the same 384/128 connection - that's not much better than dial up. And they will try to tell you that you will be getting 5000/1000, which is utter BS. I would have never moved into this apartment complex if they had told me the truth about what the internet speed truly is. And I pay 30 bucks a month for it. So if you want high speed internet, you can forget about this place. Also, you can't get basic cable here. The cheapest cable service you can get is about 60 bucks a month, and comes with a bunch of HDTV and movie channels. <br><br>EDIT: After some thought, 384/128 is a fast enough connection for most people. That's about 50 kb/s that you can download, and 16 kb/s that you can upload. It's plenty if all you do is browse the web and use email, but if you play a lot of online games (and your room mates do too), partake in filesharing, or run a website from home, then you probably don't want to move here, as the internet speeds aren't fast enough for those kinds of things.<br><br>Other than the internet, though, this seems like a nice place to live. I keep my car parked right near the gate, and I have done so for months, and I have never had it broken into. There is almost no noise at night here. Very quiet atmosphere. I almost forget other people live here. The staff in the leasing office are very nice and helpful. The quality of the building is decent, I suppose. A lot of my floors squeak, and I can easily hear footsteps in the room above me, even though the sound insulation seems excellent. There seems to be an issue with fruit flies in this place, though. When I moved in, there were already fruit flies roaming around. I can't keep any fruit around, or it will be ruined by fly larvae within 1-2 days. I also can't keep a trashcan indoors, or else maggots will be everywhere in it within 3 days.<br>There seems to be an ongoing issue with the gates. They seem to be broken more often than not. However, if they are working, it's almost more of a problem if you don't have a car. You can't get past them unless you are in a car (if you are trying to get out of the complex) or if you have the gate pass (if you are trying to get into the complex). So forget trying to get in and out of the complex on foot. <br><br>There is a nice 1/2 mile jogging trail, some gardens, a car wash station, a pool, a basketball court, gym, and playgrounds. If you want to see the place yourself, just go into the leasing office and ask for a tour. The staff will be happy to comply.<br><br>Overall, this is a pretty nice place to live if you don't care about your internet speed. I however, do, and will be moving to the AMLI apartments in a few months when my lease expires. The AMLI apartments are fairly close to the Marquis at Waterview, are similar and probably better in quality, and have acceptable internet options. Though for some odd reason, apartmentratings.com does not list the Amli apartment complex.<br><br>EDIT: It seems Verizon Wireless has a monopoly on the AMLI complex, just like SBC has a monopoly on the Marquis At Waterview complex. The internet is also very slow at AMLI, and you cannot get anything better. If anyone knows of any good apartments around here that don't have a telecommunications company with a monopoly over it, e-mail me please.<br><br>If you have any more questions, email me at phoenix.edge AT gmail.com
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