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Allora Bella Terra

12240 Bella Terra Centerway

Richmond, TX 77406

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Prospective Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I was looking for my first apartment. Saw them online loved the way they looked and the price was in my range. They had amazing move in specials that I almost couldn't pass up. But then starting the rental process ended up being a horrible experience. I had my leasing agent but when he wasn't working that day I delt with the other gentleman leasing agent. My leasing agent kept changing the order that I had to turn everything in. He wanted me to turn in my proff of insurance and electricity before he would draft my lease. This was my first apartment and I knew that sounded weird. He said the manager said they had to because some people had moved in without all the paperwork (my thought was that's not my fault). Anyways when I go turn in my surety bond information my leasing agent was was so gave it to the other leasing agent and I asked him if that was all I needed before they could draft the lease and he said yes that's good and he or my leasing agent would draft it in the next day or two. So two days later my leasing agent called and said I need my electricity and insurance before he could draft my lease. I then said no the other leasing agent said something different. At this point I'm already upset/angry that I have been pulled in so many different directions. Everyone is telling me different things every time I would stop by or call. So I asked to talk to the manager because I was done. He had the manager call me because she was on the phone of course. She called me a few minutes later. I explained all my issues and I didn't even list them all on this review. She also basically said both leasing agents were correct. She did tell mine that I needed the electricity and insurance but the other leasing agent was right that it's not required. I wanted to see a lease before I went and spent a bunch of money. She was trying to work with me, but I told them no I'm not moving in I do not trust y'all at this point everyone is saying something different pulling me through so much making me make calls at trying to figure things out at work. So I wanted a refund for my surety bond and she said I just call and they will refund me. But again another lie. No the apartment has to do it. It took me 2 plus weeks to get the apartment to finally fix the issue and get my info to the surety bond place. They kept saying they sent the email (I asked them to copy on the email in the first place) but the bond place never got it. It was a nightmare. I had to take time out of my work day to deal with all this. They are very unorganized and unprofessional. they didn't even let me know that my application was accepted or not. That's a moment I missed out on. They never sent anything to me through email all was verbally by the phone or in person. And it would take days to get something done that was suppose to be done in minutes. Just a horrible experience for me
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Allora Bella Terra

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