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Resident · 2012 - 2013
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My sister and her family moved into the Villas at River Park, and were expecting a nice well kept apartment. Considering they are VERY pricy apartments. To her surprise the day she got her key, the apartment looked as if the maintainance people had not even been in to clean from the previous tenants. I had also just signed a lease for a 2 bedroom apartment and asked the apartment manager on several occasions if she was sure my apartment would be completly ready on my scheduled move in date, since my sisters apt looked like CRAP. She assured me many times that it would be ready. Sure enough move in day comes and my apartment was FILTHY! There were still cat toys on the floor from the previous tenants. Stains all in the carpent, blinds bent and broken, all of the fire hazard sprinklers were taped up. I could go on and on. Basically it was in such unpresentable condition they had to agree to take money off the first months rent. The walls here are very thin. It sounded as if the people above me played on a pogo stick or were playing dance, dance revolution. An incodent occured to where my roomate and I felt unsafe to continue living in the apartment. When we wanted to break our lease 6 months later, the propery manager ------ then became very ugly and unhelpful to us! At this point I asked for the phone number of her boss or corporate. ------ then refused to give me her boss' number and told be if i needed it that bad i could look it up. I have never had a "manager" refuse to give me their boss' number.! Which im thinking she already has hundreds of bad reviews and is probably borderline losing her job and wants no one to complain on her! Christmas eve 2012 someone kicked our front door in and robbed us while my roomate and i werent home. Well it just so happens the "SECURITY GATES" had been broken and were stuck open that whole week, making it easy for ANYONE to access the apartments. Also they "offer security cameras". After we were robbed they proceeded to tell us the cameras were " really grainy" and they didnt work well. So they are telling me i pay $1100 a month to live in a "family safe area" whose "security gates" are always broken and "security cameras" are grainy. We pay all this extra money for safety and to keep riff-raff out and they dont provide it. YOU DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR HERE. also they want you to pay $50 for a gate remote when the gates are always open anyaways. Then you have the "curtesy officer" who works for ft. bend who is no help what so ever. Christmas day when i got home and discovered i had been robbed i ran outside while he was passing by when he proceeded to tell me he could not help me becuase this was not his district.! wow i know right!.The office manager is the worst person to deal with. In the 6 months i have lived there, atleast 4 different women have worked up front with ------. I think she cant keep someone stable up front to keep up with her psyco self! Basically the apartments do look nice yes, but that is all they offer is a fancy cover.
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The Villas at Riverpark West

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