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Boulder Ridge Apartments

1515 Cannon Parkway

Roanoke, TX 76262



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I moved here because it was close to my job, but I might as well have moved into the slums across the tracks. Make no mistake about it, everything you read about this place (in a bad way) is absolutely true. The management is horrible, they will do nothing to help you and from what I can tell they will go out of their way to make your time here more uncomfortable. When I first walked into the managers office the first thing that was told to me was welcome home! If hell was a pad that I wished to inhabit, then I guess I was there, but since I was looking for a apartment that offered relative peace and quiet and some sense of security, I was sadly mislead. <br><br>I will say that the workout room is alright, but I am not paying for a gym membership (remember, this is a place to live). The pool is unusable and the water bill is totally threw the roof. The walls in the apartments might as well be made of paper because you can hear everything that goes on next door. <br><br>Worst of all, after all the complaints I made to the management, the last day I was there to hand in my keys they tried to sit me down to reconsider moving. All of the sudden I was important to them because I was seen as an object of value (money). I amused them by giving a list of complaints and they assured me that everything was going to be fixed in the next month, and then I reminded them that they had told me the same thing last year verbatim when I resigned my lease. Their answer??? <br><br> We love our tenants, we are a family and don t want to see you leave! <br><br> And what about my complaints? <br><br> I don t know who you spoke to before, management has changed since then and we are doing our best to make our tenants happy! <br><br>Silence for a whole minute .<br><br> It was in this very office, sitting in this very chair, speaking to you .. <br><br>Since for another minute .<br><br> We hope you will be happier in your new location! <br><br>Welcome to boulder ridge apartments, where the renters treated as common cattle for the slaughter .<br>
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Boulder Ridge Apartments

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