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Round Rock Oak Grove Apt



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mama1988 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2007
This place is horrible. The landlord (slum lord) actually LIVES in the complex, as does the maintenance man, who does nothing by the way. Our sink has been stopped up for over 3 months, and we have gotten no help in repairing it. Our front door doesn't seal so bugs can crawl right under the door, and we have had 2 different lizards occupy the house in our time there. There is a mold problem, and the ceiling over our air vents is turning black. The laundry facility is a joke. There are 3 washers and dryers and 2 of each do not work. If you are lucky enough to find one that does work, your clothes come out with strange marks and holes in them. The decor inside the units is interesting at least. All the units are different but in ours, we have that purple carpet that they put in the portables at schools, about 1/8 of an inch thick with runs througout. We have a big hole where our dishwasher should be. Our neighbors are loud and obnoxious and their children run wild all over the complex breaking things and the parents do nothing. The rent is cheap, but as I say, you get what you pay for. DO NOT MOVE HERE.
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Round Rock Oak Grove Apt

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