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Arroyo Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 03/02/2007
so ive been reading these reviews and i have to say that not all them are true. they dont do all bills paid. i live in one of the small one bedrooms. its not bad. i hate the brown carpet but its not brown in all of them (they are replacing it). in the summer there are geicos outside my door BUT my door is right under the light outside so i know they go there to stay warm. their maintenance is really nice and pretty prompt. i have some neighbors who like to party but Marie is really good about taking care of that...and besides your going to have to put up with a few annoying neighbors anywhere you live. my electric bill is always below $100 BUT im not home a lot during the summer and i sometimes open my windows instead of running the air. in the winter it usually runs about $50-$70. i love the location. its about 5 minutes from school and pretty close to the middle of town (at least the parts i need to get to). when i moved in it didnt smell like smoke but about a month afterwards it smelled bad...and im a CLEAN FREAK!! the people below me smoke and it somehow seeps into my apartment. ive tried everything to get it out and cant. but other than that its a good place to live. im picky and i like it.
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Arroyo Square Apartments

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