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Artisan on The Bluff



Resident · 2007 - 2011
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Office Staff
I've lived in these apartments since 2007. Things were ok until ALL of the "TRASH" moved in. Ignorant families who would let kids run around all hours of the night and climb on peoples vehicles. I don't know of a night when I did not see SAPD there on a regular basis. I've had a man enter my appt through the patio door and when my 6 year old screamed he split mso fast we couldnt see which way he went... Domestic violence, burglaries, you name it and they have it. Maintenance was horrible. Constant Electrical problems causing us to be without any type of electricity for hours on end. CPS had to come out and informed me that I had illegal faulty wiring in my fuse box and management did nothing about it, Manager at the time to me that I had to go out to the fuse box and charge the fuse when my lights would go out, ummm...yeah...okay. Paper thin walls(you can hear "everything")kids stomping till the wee hours of the morning so hard that would make my smoke detector pop out of celing. Pool was gross, no supervision what so ever, people would swim with blue jeans on, and when the dumpsters would over flow people would just through the trash around the dumpster because they were to lazy to walk to the nearest dumpster. Parking is horrible becasue all the preganat women who are on welfare let their boyfriend or sanchos or "familia" live there when there not supposed to thus taking up the parking spaces for the real tennants. The complex is dirty, the people are ignorant, and the staff completely uneducated and incompetent. The office changed staff as often as I change underwear. Oh yeah, I forgot....when my son and I were removing our christmas decorations from around our porch area (we lived on 1st floor)he found a crack pipe. DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY IN THIS DUMP
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Artisan on The Bluff

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