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Artisan on The Bluff



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
I have lived here for 2 years now, and have seen a definite changing of the guard...so to speak! There used to be a manager(-------), now he wasn't the greatest manager I have seen in my life, but he did respond quickly and efficiently to any problems I had. I know that he was having some issues with the assistant manager (----) at the time. She was very rude, and very disrespectful. I have heard it from the rumor mill that he left because his corporate office would not allow him to fire her, after she lead a "witchhunt" to take his job! Apparently they were also upset that he was very aggressive with rulebreakers here and the corporate office (Franklin Management)did not like that...I would like to say to Franklin Management...(This is what you want in a manager...someone who is passionate about the property and the residents in it)! He lived on site as well (in my same building), and was very concerned about the community and the safety of the residents! I heard that he got a little gruff with some folks , but having got to know him, I can tell you they probably deserved it! He has since left and a new manager (-------)came on board...honestly put..."this girl doesn't know her --- --------------!" She is very incompetent, and very rude. I went in to discuss my "terminal toilet" as I call it...and she said I needed to invest in a plunger...I have one...it doesn't fix the problem...I know it's not her fault, but I would like some action or at least the absence of the attitude! The leasing agent isn't much help either! She has a "------ southside" mentality if you ask me! They are very rude and very condescending! When the previous manager was here...he dealt with things fast and appropriately...I always saw him here after hours, and asked him what he was doing up one night...he answered "just keeping an eye out". Again, there were issues that still happened (burglaries, break-ins, graffiti, and kids running wild, but he always dealt with it, and informed the us by letter or community meeting...I EVEN HEARD HE STARTED MAKING THE KIDS WORK ON VARIOUS PROJECTS AROUND THE COMMUNITY AS A KIND OF PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR ACTIONS...The new manager comes in and makes a beeline for the door at closing time...I HAVE NEVER SEEN HER ON SITE AFTER HOURS. I even asked her about it on my latest visit to the office and she said well "I have a life maam, and I am not -------"...that's for damn sure!!! I really wish he had stayed, but I certainly understand corporate bosses handcuffing a really good manager, and don;t blame him...so if your reading this...DO NOT LEASE AT THIS PLACE OR ANY FRANKLIN COMMUNITIES IN SAN ANTONIO! OH AND TO THE CORPORATE FAT CATS...BRING ------- BACK HE WAS THE BEST THING THIS PROPERTY HAS EVER SEEN!
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Artisan on The Bluff

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