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Avistar at the Crest



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
I moved in to this place in September of 2004 and thought that the place looked nice. I was wrong! They stated that they could not honor the $99 move-in coupon special when i moved in, but the time on the coupon was still valid based on my move-in date. Management was so horrible, that they just should have all been thrown in jail. Maintenance was horrid, dragging a water heater out of my apartment with mud across the floor and not offering to clean up the mess. My apartment was located at the back of the complex and there was constant sirens heard all through the night. The door had been kicked in and I had a police officer look at why the security deadbolt would not lock and discovered that the door frame had splits in it. When I filled out the move-in inventory repair list, they just moved theh screw down instead of replacing it as the officer had so stated they were to do. Lighting was so poor in this place thay you always had to be more alert of your surroundings than normal. As a single parent, my son was no where near the playground. The courtesy officer and I knew each other from church, but even some things he wasn't aware of. Talk about "lien clause", it's flat out right "Theft" according to the law. I know because I experienced it several times because of hardship from an auto accident. They evicted my neighbor for having to pay her rent late when her job offered to pay all the charges and she had never been late. The gates never ever worked. Drug deals were going on at this property in broad daylight as I broke my lease and moved out of this dump! Talk about being let down because your expectations were high, yeah I was! I even had to go to corporate on the manager at the time I was there and they definitely could not properly manage the place. Even after I left they had the audacity to say that I didn't have permission to break the lease, when I had a copy with the asdt.manager's signature on the approval to move-out. their pricing stunk for what they charged. I wouldn't have my worst enemy stay at this dump. It's unsafe and should not be in business. Then they try to come after you with some bogus charges of $1431 of things they should have repaired before you the tenant move-in. I strongly suggest that you review ratings before you move into a place like this. I'm glad to have broken my lease and get the attorney general involved because of their so-called collection company calling with harassment about money they will never get from me. Birds flew and dumped on your car, so they also had a problem with little black bugs crawling into your car from the trees above.
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Avistar at the Crest

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