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Resident · 2015 - 2016
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I'm taking the time to write a review in the hopes of preventing someone from going through the abysmal experience I had during and after my tenancy at Hillstone at Prue Road. I lived at this apartment complex from May of 2015 through May of 2016. Throughout this time and shortly thereafter my departure, I experienced many things that were disgusting, annoying, unprofessional, despicable, and illegal. I encourage you to read through the end, as I saved the worst experiences for the end. I have also attached a link at the bottom to pictures to support my experiences detailed below. 1) Length of Stay : When I went in during May of 2015, I signed up for a special lease offer that gave me a discounted rate for signing up for 15 months. I was then told I would have my rent raised in May of 2016. When I asked them about the 15 month lease, they told me that someone in the office must have messed up (doesn't work there anymore, go figure) and that she actually input my lease for only 12 months. Not a big deal, but nonetheless, had to move out 3 months earlier than planned. 2) Noise: This apartment complex has absolutely no regard or awareness for noise in the complex, or the guests that cause that noise. I had an apartment facing the pool, and like most people, I was excited to be facing the pool to enjoy the fun that comes with the location. Little did I know, my day to day living situation would be tarnished for 365 days. Any day that exceeded 75 degrees was filled with excessive noise that went above and beyond and reasonable level. People would literally bring in DJ's with full speaker systems to blast music while them and their guests enjoyed the pool I pay for. Being in a college area, this apartment actually has a surprising mix of not just college students but families too. The college students would legitimately host their parties using this pool, and not just 5 or 6 friends. I'm talking fraternity parties - indicated by the parking lot being overrun by cars with Greek symbols aligning with the busiest of pool parties. Many nights, I was forced to leave my apartment to go to a friends to get away from the noise. The noise exceeded the highest volume my television could reach, and it sometimes would go well into 10:00 or 11:00 at night. 3) Bugs as a result of negligence by maintenance (PHOTO INCLUDED): The first few months at my apartment were horrible. A massive amount of fruit flies overtook my apartment, and despite a deep clean of my counters and the refrigerator, the problem could not be solved. The apartments brought in pest control, which sprayed the surface of my floorboards and ceilings (anyone with a brain knows that this does nothing for fruit flies). I spent over $100 on home remedies for fruit flies, capturing as many as I could. After weeks and weeks, I had a friend investigate the drain in my kitchen sink, in which hundreds of fruit flies were laying eggs. I thought my bug problem was solved... A few months later, I noticed a fly infestation taking over my apartment. These were not fruit flies, these were BIG flies. There were at least a dozen at a time in my unit, and through my own investigation, I noticed a small crack in the back door allowing air and bugs in and out. Once I found this hole, I looked on the floor to find 20-30 dead flies on my floor. I put in a work order for maintenance to repair my door, which had become misaligned after years and years of use (SEE PHOTO IN ATTACHED LINK). This is common, and the door simply needed realigning with the door frame, however the complex decided weatherstripping was the way to go. This is a $2 fix to a $200 problem, and shows no care for the well being of residents. 4) Post Move-Out Hell: The apartment charged me for a brand new carpet (almost $300) for DOG HAIR. Not joking, DOG HAIR. Pictures attached... Does this require a NEW carpet? Or was the apartment just trying to get a new carpet at the residents expense. You decide. http://imgur.com/a/xu9JQ (the carpet ones are ACTUALLY the ones they sent me to validate a $250 brand new carpet LOLOLOL)
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Azul (Hillstone at Prue) Manager


Dear Blarirbball3, We are very sorry that your experience at Hillstone at Prue Road was a negative one. We took over the property in June and are making many improvements. Our lease agreements are 6-12 months and everyone including the person(s) moving in are in agreement of the terms. We go over the contract with everyone at move in. We totally understand that the pool can get loud during the summer we have gone to a pool pass system to make sure only residents and 2 of their guests are at the pool. This enables the courtesy patrol to remove anyone that is at the pool after 10pm. No DJ's are aloud at the pool unless it is a party for ALL residents that is sponsored by the office. Our understanding was that there was a pest issue and this has been overcome by the pest control and treatments inside and out of apartments. We would like to invite your to move back to Hillstone at Prue and enjoy the new management team. If you would like to discuss any other issues feel free to email me at [email protected]

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