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Bandera Commons



Resident · 2014 - 2017
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Office Staff
****Update*** 4/4/2017 Since my last update the AC has a new thermostat as of late February. The work order placed on 7/18/2016 still hasn't been fulfilled. The tub still hasn't been resurfaced nor has my closet been looked at. The only reason the tub requires resurfacing is because the bathrooms are poorly built (it's supposed to be at an angle toward the drain) and the water just sits in the middle of the tub and rusts out! So after every shower we have a standing puddle of water if we don't find a way to push all of the water directly to the drain. Bandera Commons is also violating numerous Texas Maintenance codes. Last month I alerted them of those violations and they have yet to fix them. There's black mold at every window. Our building hallway is cracked down the middle along torn roofing yet to repaired. It's standard to also have proper lighting. What's so hard about replacing the walk/breezeway lightbulbs? The plumbing is horrible as well. Our downstairs neighbor literally had backed up waste and fecal matter in his tub! It's been years since they've done maintenance on their plumbing vents which explains why the sinks and toilets are not completely functional. I told THE OWNER how to fix the issue which was to simply clear out the drain vents on the roof. Birds frequently nest in our dryer vent so it's obvious they're nesting on the roof too. So after ten minutes of the owner rambling on and throwing the other tenants under the bus by blaming it on their toilet paper being flushed in the toilet as a scapegoat. I showed him a YouTube video explaining the task. He was in awe and an hour later he had someone on the roof. I wonder what would've happened if he never knew how to fix the vents. The entire time they worked on my neighbor's apt they slammed his front door every chance they got. They even used some of his personal bath towels to stop the leaking fecal matter. Now this takes the cake... no the bakery...THEY LEFT HIS FRONT DOOR CRACKED OPEN! Luckily nothing was taken. Bandera Commons needs maintenance badly. They only have 3 guys with no commercial materials or any health benefits. Their workers have to basically bring their own tools instead of the owner paying for all of the materials they need to maintain his own property. Management is even worse. They can't even keep track of their financial records. There is zero continuity in their office. The office personnel has changed at least 5 times since my last update. I see a new girl every time I visit the office (pay rent, etc.) I cannot wait until our lease is up. I would never recommend this place to anyone. I've also provided photos of the building cracking and falling apart and a picture of the mold. Hopefully these folks get their act together.
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Bandera Commons

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