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Boardwalk Med Center

7838 Huebner Road

San Antonio, TX 78240

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Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived in this community for 2 years. I started out in the smallest one bedroom available, located by Huebner Rd but facing the parking lot. For 655 sq. feet, the layout made it seem much larger inside. It was very quiet. The only sound I ever heard (besides parking lot noise like any other complex) was the toilet flushing upstairs. Very peaceful. The complex is only a few years old (3 at this point), and everything seems pretty much brand new. No bugs whatsoever. I liked it so much that when my lease was up, I upgraded to a second story apartment facing the pool, and it was even better. At 787 sq. feet, again, it seems like alot more once you are inside. Pet deposit is very reasonable...300 for the first pet, 200 for the second, and NO PET RENT. There is an issue with a few people not picking up dog poop (there is a dog poop station RIGHT THERE!), but there isnt a whole lot anyone can do about it. I've never seen the culprit(s). The staff send out frequent reminders about cleaning up after your pets, and only once have I seen the pet stations empty of bags for any length of time. I've had a few work orders placed with maintenance (small things that were my fault), and the maintenance staff were pretty quick in getting to these non-emergencies, it makes me feel that if it was something important, that they would snap to it. ---- is the guy who usually completes my work orders, and he does a great job. Being by the pool, you would expect alot of noise, but there really isnt much. In the summer, there were pretty constant pool parties but only on Friday nights and Saturdays, and whoever played the latin music every weekend had it semi-loud, but not too bad. During the week, it was quiet. Now that school is back in session, the weekend parties at the pool are rare, so if you have kids, noise wont be much of an issue. I'm not a fan of propane grills but I simply decided to bring my own little grill down to the pool and problem solved! There is a gym that's well maintained, dog park, car wash/pet wash station, pool that's alot better maintained than most others around town, and a fire pit with a waterfall around it that is a favorite of any guests that I bring over. Cooking smores down there for a friend of mine's kids was a huge hit this past summer. The office staff are definitely the best I've ever had, especially ------. Best way to describe her is a bright ray of sunshine. She always brings a smile to my face. All of them are courteous, friendly, and eager to help. I had some personal problems last year, and I felt that they went out of their way to watch out for me, and were supportive. All in all, this is a complex for professionals, and most people keep to themselves and are friendly and respectful, so if you are looking for a quiet complex, check it out. There are alot of positives about living here, and very few negatives, which is why I signed my third lease a few weeks back.
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Boardwalk Med Center

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