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Boardwalk Med Center

7838 Huebner Road

San Antonio, TX 78240

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Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I don't know where to begin to be honest, it was one of the apartments I really liked living there but after what I have encountered after moving out I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, when we first moved to the Boardwalk, Jennifer Daffinee was the manager and she was quite welcoming and we were sold when we saw the model apartment, the apartment we moved into was nice except the carpet was not replaced, it was just cleaned so I asked one of the people that was working there and his name was Andrew and he told me that their policy is that if the carpet is good, they will just clean it , they won't replace it , so I brought that issue to Jennifer back then and how I didn't want to be charged for replacing the carpet, she promised me that they won't charge me and now that we moved they sure did charge me $230 to replace the carpet, so I went to the leasing office trying to talk to the manager thinking Jennifer was still there and found out that she moved to Austin with the management company I guess and the new manager is just full of himself, didn't want to try to work something instead all he said that "I won't talk to you because your name is not on the lease", mind you that we had spoken to Jennifer back then to put my name on the lease and she swore to us that she already put my name on it and now the new manager told me that my name was not on the lease and I have no right to speak to him about the carpet charge, I told him that every month rent was paid through my bank that has my name on it. He was just ignorant and no matter what I said about the carpet situation he wouldn't even think about it because even the lady in the leasing office her name is Vanessa told me that they replace apartment carpet every 5 years if its in good condition so my argument was why should I get charged for it if somebody before me messed it up, it was just cleaned when I moved in so I just vacuumed it when I moved out and now they want to charge me to replace the whole thing , it's a rip-off and I totally don't recommend this place anymore because they will rip you off one way or the other
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Boardwalk Med Center

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