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Deer Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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I lived here with my family for a little over a year and had a roach problem from when we moved in actually the apartment they showed me had a dead roach laying in it, that should of stopped me. The apartments would have someone come spray when requested on Wednesday but it never worked. I actually ended up bombing our apartment for roaches and that helped but roaches were coming out of the walls and vents (infested). Your probably thinking why we didn't move, we'll we were in the process of buying our first home and couldn't have anything ruin our chances of getting our home. We had about 4mths left. Besides that My fiance and i always pay our bills on time and never had a problem unfortunately on our first months rent the office was closed on the first which was a Sunday and us not knowing thinking they had a drop box we paid it the next morning when they opened but the lady had no care in the world for us and our situation. They charged us $50 and told us its $50 a day when your late and could not give us a warning because she would have to do it for everyone else (like I was going to tell everyone). Also people get Robbed all the time my fiancé got stuff stolen from the back of his work truck and the neighbor's were always sitting on bricks when I walked out my apartment in the morning. They even stole are neighbors truck. We moved out and they want to charge us almost 1000 dollars in damages when I have to admit the apartment wasn't in the best condition it needed paint touch ups some carpet cleaning and some cleaning in general, I have kids and they had destroyed some of the blinds but this apartment is really trying to make a quick buck. They also put our water bill at us owing over 100 dollars when our monthly bill was always less than 30 dollars when I mentioned this to the lady there she couldn't even give me a straight answer. She tried saying it was because it was for two mths but still doesn't make any sense......
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Deer Oaks Apartments

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