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Diamond Ridge



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commonbystander • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/15/2007
Moved here with a friend who had already been living in the same complex. The rooms aren't very appealing, looks like it was painted in a rush or something cause there is white paint on the cabinet doors in the bathroom, also there is still wallpaper behind the toilet in my bathroom. My roommates door doesn't close right and when we called the front office, they insisted on coming by to fix it when we weren't there, saying we shouldn't have anything to hide in our apartment so they could come by while we were at work. When the garbage disposal broke they never showed up to fix it and is still broken to this day. Also, one day I came home from work to find the apartment reaking of chemical, and when I tried calling the office they were close for the day. Fortunately I ran into one of the maintenance workers who said they were refinishing the bathtub in the empty apartment next to us and what we were smelling was acetone. There was no notice that they we going to be doing this, also they hadn't made any plans of helping us out with the smell that lingered for the next day or so. The cat was also left alone in the apartment the whole day and was acting very groggy afterwards so I had to take him to see the vet, and when I informed the office the woman said that there was nothing they could do, that it wasn't their fault what happened in that situation.
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Diamond Ridge

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