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Doral Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
I am going to have to agree with everyone else, this place is the worst I have ever seen in San Antonio. I am not sure why I moved here, it was probably the lay out of the pool and the office was so well taken care of. After being in the apartment for a month we started having leaks, mold, every insect possible and drunk maintenance guys on their shift strolling around. The office never helps with anything, when you have an issue they argue saying that everything is fine. I have to watch out where I walk because my floor actually has holes in it under the carpet, this place is amazing just how scummy it is. For an older complex you expect some issues but the hassle that I have been through with this place is just unbelievable! If you do live here currently I suggest renters insurance with the amount of people that cook on their grills right outside on their patio with the possibility of a fire. Parking is a mess. At night trying to find a spot is terrible. People actually park on handicap ramps and just on the side of the road because they have so many people and so little spots. And the cop they promise to watch the premises is never around, I havent ever seen him. If you have a nice vehicle with a stereo that is worth a bit I guarantee you will not have it for very long. If you like to swim, you wont have a chance. Every warm day there are at least 15-20 children running around with out parents splashing and jumping in the fountain where they arent supposed to be. They will actually steal your belongings (personal experience). <br>Allstate renters insurance offers a $2000 protection plan with their insurance for your vehicle if it is broken into where you live. I suggest getting this plan if you live at the Doral Club. <br>If you have the chance, save yourself, dont ever live here. A box next to 410 would be cleaner and probably safer.<br>
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Doral Club

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