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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I have been here over 20 years, the place is a mesh now, they bought in a new young manager who doesn't have a clue, she just hides in the office all day chatting with her useless staff. If u talk to her about anything it goes in one ear and out the other, she doesn't care about the residents at all, most the people here don't know her. She fired the driver who has been here years and always did a great job, who everybody loved and replaced him with her neighbor whom she car-pools back and forth with cause they live in canyon lake, how convenient, she also had some maintenance guys moving furniture to one of the office girl's apartment and had maintenance painting her apartment too. The office girl who is the manager's friend also drives the company van, and rumor has it the manager gave it to her. I wonder are the owners blind do they allow these things? also the girl at the front desk is very rude, and never helpful, doesn't she know she is here to help the residents not to be rude and useless, this place has gone downhill , it is a sinking ship,all my friends are moving i am too, what a shame after over 20 years i have to move.
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