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7600 Blanco Rd

San Antonio, TX 78216



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Office Staff
yoweeyoweeyowee • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
I saw a couple of negative reviews on here&#--; so I just wanted to have a word to say.<br><br>One person complained of "no hot water". Yes&#--; things break. Grow up you little cry baby american spoiled brat. If you think this is bad&#--; then why don't you go live in a third world country for a few months. Or go back to your mommy's house and sh 'll give you plenty of hot water.<br><br>As for the other person who was talking about "rodents&#--; roaches&#--; and fleas"&#--; I would bet that you are one of those idiots who leaves food out for days on end. Well&#--; no ----&#--; you attract all kinds of creatures&#--; you fool. If you clean your dishes right after eating and put them away&#--; there is nothing for insects to be attracted to. But I forgot&#--; you are one of those spoiled brat american little shits who orders pizza and leaves it out for a week after.<br><br>This is not a 5-star hotel people&#--; this is a damn apartment. It's time to grow up a little bit&#--; because Sunray is actually a pretty good for the price.<br><br>But&#--; I will end on this note- If I experience any of the same problems&#--; such as rodents or insects&#--; then I will certainly be posting on here again a warning to others. But as for right now&#--; I am quite satisfied with the level of matienence here. Who knows&#--; maybe that will change.
Escapade Manager11/27/2007

As the manager of Sunray&#--; rest assured that both my office staff and maintenance staff work diligently to handle all concerns our residents have as diligently as possible&#--; as soon as the issue has been brought to our attention.

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