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Office Staff
ilovehamburgers • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
the people that i've met in the 10 months that i've lived here have been great. i'm a social person who likes to meet the neighbors. the office staff has been wonderful. my apartment home is cramped [my fault, i picked one too small for my effects], and mostly everything seems to be in working order. even though i keep everything clean, i was most disturbed to find bugs inside the apartment. pest control wasn't needed as a few cans of insect spray from the local grocery store have seemed to work just fine. but the complex definetly isn't without its problems. if you don't pay your rent by the fourth it's $50 bucks extra. so if your work sends you out of state for the week and you don't think to send the rent check, there goes a cool 50 [but again, my fault, i didn't read the fine print]. and don't think about paying by check if it's late [not sure why, i've never bounced a check in my life, and even if i was planning to bounce it, wouldn't i just pay it on the 1st to avoid the late fee? nevermind.] anyway, it's a money order you need. ok, and there are hoodlums; that is several things have been tagged including a very nice girl's brand new car. that worried me. that, and someone was mugged in this apartment complex. ok, i'm not going to beat around the bush, it was me. but the muggers aren't without their mercy. although they took my wallet, they left me with my new watch, phone, keys, and quite a headache [again perhaps my fault, it was me who was out after dark to check my mail]. there have been a few other problems that i won't bore you with. point made, i won't be living here when my lease is up. i'll be in a gated community [maybe it won't be perfect, but if you find utopia be sure to pass along directions]. if you got the whole "cuthbert" remark from the famous ww2 spy, then you probably don't belong at the this apartment complex. best of luck in your decision my friend.
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