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10707 West IH-10

San Antonio, TX 78230



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fried_beanz • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/21/2002
If you want a top notch, high class apartment facility with helpful courtious staff, tons of parking and beautiful grounds...go look somewhere else. La Jolla will only offer 4 walls and a roof (that leaks) Non-Leaking aparment will be extra...taken out of your deposit....because we all know..the tennant is responsible for leaking roofs right. Please make sure you never plan to shower as the water can fluxuate from 62 degrees to a balmy 15,000 degrees and your friendly La Jolla staff may at any given moment go waltzing through your apartment with out knocking or anouncing they have entered. Bug collectors welcome! I am sure you will find any spider friend you may have been missing from your collection. Pet lovers! Come one come all! La Jolla LOVES to have animal feces all over the complex..and currently we are at a shortage...i think i saw 4 square feet that didn´t have any. Oh but pet lovers also make sure your puppy or kitty has a good job...that´s right a JOB, because it is 25 dollars a month for "pet rent" cause everyone knows that when you leave "fluffy" is watching tv, taking showers and surfing the internet. Parking where do I start...what parking...Make sure you drive a Gremlin or a Yugo and it doesn´t have a stereo...cause it won´t last. If you hate your credit and rental history...this is the place for you. My rent is 585 plus water, plus electricity, plus "pet rent"...so it vary...big deal. The "big deal" is they bill you from the 15th to the 15th but expect the rent on the first ...so when you pay what the bill says....you get an evection notice on your door for 6 bucks (that you never knew about cause it wasn´t on the bill). and they bill you for water seperately AND rolled into the monthly bill...that´s right double billed! La jolla staff is wonderful about notices they will give them to you 4 days past due so there is nothing you can do. Lease rules are inforced at random. the whole thing is run like a roach motel...and with that...it is time to take "fluffy" for a walk
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