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Limestone Oaks



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imoveoften • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2005
My main complaint was the noise. These apartments are right next to Wurzbach and it would seem like every car, bus, and motorcycle was in the room with me. You would have to speak up to be heard. Also, I could hear the upstairs neighbors clearly when shouting, or like mumbles when they spoke. You can hear every step the people above make. You could hear their tv and when they went to the bathroom and other things in the bedroom. Also neighbors like to play music at distortion levels.<br><br>My experience with maintenance occurred with my garbage disposal. It took a month to fix and they didn't fix it until after I told them the wood was getting rotten from the leaking water. Then it was fixed the next day. <br><br>Also drivers in the parking lot seem to think it is a one lane raceway. If they almost smash into you while they drive on the wrong side, you will get honked at and flipped off. I've almost been run over walking back from the mailbox.<br><br>The staff seemed nice. When I moved out, they were starting to make changes and I see the rent went up since I was there.<br><br>I didn't like the $90 non-refundable 'deposit.' Most people prefer it, they said, but I think they should call it what it is: a fee. After you sign the lease, they bring out a new stack of papers you now have to sign as well. I like to see everything up front.<br><br>Good:<br>It's roomy and inexpensive. My air conditioner always worked without problems. I didn't feel like crime was a problem. My electric bill was low. Free cable if you like that.
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Limestone Oaks

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