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Marbach Park Apartments



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hamccright • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2007
I have lived in these apartments for about 5 months and it has not been a very pleasant experience. The weekend we moved in it was 80 degrees outside & when I called about the A/C not working I was told to deal with it because it wasn't hot enough to complain about. Then minor crap started happening....just recently though (lets just say the whole month of August) major drama happened. My A/C wouldn't stop leaking from the panel in the bathroom above the tub..the panel fell and hit my sister whilest she was getting into the shower, and they did nothing, the roof in the living room had a huge hole in it and it looked like it was going to rip open and spew all over the place from rain water....there was another hole in the dining room and one in my sisters bedroom. To top it all off the A/C went out for a week and they didn't do anything about it. Now they are telling me that they are having to bring contractors in to fix my roofing issues since while they where redoing the shingles a guy fell through it. And they do not want to compensate you for anything....SO BE WARNED THIS PLACE IS HELL!!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!
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Marbach Park Apartments

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