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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I have lived at Montecito only 6 months and I am already awaiting eagerly to leave. <br>All in all this place sucks. They didnt replace the carpet when we first moved in (Isn't that a sanitary issue?). <br>Also youll notice that after you move in and everything gets dirty. It stays dirty. It doesnt matter how hard you try its always going to look like crap. <br><br>The Managment.... HA. <br>Let's just say they are all b*tch*s. I was added to lease after my boyfriend and best friend had already signed it. I wont repeat what she said but lets just say she made it sound like I met him 2 days previous and was his personal -----. When in reality we had been dating nearly 4 years. Half the time I go in there I get starred down like I just slept with their husband.(perhaps I'm too pretty? LOL) I wont go in there for ANYTHING not even packages. I would rather have my roomates get my packages for me than deal with those snobs. <br><br>I was supposed to recieve a gate card. Never got it. I wait outside the gate for someone else to come out/in. And once I finally got a card it doesnt work on one of the gates! <br><br>We have gotten various lease violations AND police calls.<br>The police knocked on our door at 5 p.m. saying there was a noise complaint but that he couldnt hear anything (since there was no music/t.v. on to hear) so it was just a "warning".<br><br>The only good thing i can say is parking. Parking is usually good and it helps that you can park in handi cap as long as there is no number on the sign. Other than that I will not give this place any kudos. <br><br>Almost 900$ for a crappy 2 bedroom apartment?<br>No thanx.<br>I can't wait to get out of here.
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