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Monterra Apartments by Cortland



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Office Staff
luxma • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
I have lived in these apartments since August and it only took me about two months to realize that I HAVE to move as soon as my lease is up! When I moved in I wrote everything that was wrong with the apartment on the contract, it was mostly little stuff, but to this date they have yet to come and fix any of it. <br><br>The complex looks clean at first sight but don t be fooled, it s only the building where the office is located. The rest of the buildings have trash everywhere and pets defecate everywhere without their owners even caring about cleaning up after them.<br><br>The gate has been broken most of the time I ve been here. They fix it once in a while, but for some reason it s broken again by that same afternoon. I haven t had my car broken into yet, and I hope it doesn t happen. I haven t seen cholos walking around like another reviewer said, but around 3am there are usually a lot of loud drunk people trying to get to their apartments. I m guessing they might be the reason why car alarms go off almost every night.<br><br>I didn t mind paying over $600 for a one bedroom, but that s only because I thought these apartments were probably worth it. They really really are not! Not only that, but they are actually RAISING the rent to over $800!!! <br><br>The worst thing is that a lot of the apartments are infested with ants. I complained to the office and it didn t take long for someone to come and spray them, which actually surprised me because my downstairs neighbor had been trying to get them to spray his apartment for over 3 weeks! I don t even know why I had ants, I rarely even cook! Therefore my kitchen is always clean, I don t even know what they were attracted to, but whatever it was they were also on my bathroom counter.<br><br>Parking is pretty bad; if you get home after around 5pm you most likely won t find a parking spot. Traffic is always really bad on De Zavala so getting out of the apartments is really hard, especially in the afternoon from around 4 9pm. If that was the only problem I would gladly stay here, but it is not.<br>
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Monterra Apartments by Cortland

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