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Oak Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
You can pay the same price for a better apartment community on the same street or even next door. The hot water is broken every other week. They state it is because the boilers are always going out. And dont expect it to be fixed the same day they will take a whole week to fix it so if you live here get used to cold showers. They constantly use the excuse that they are waiting on parts. Sometimes we dont have any water at all for days! They tell you there are washer and dryer connections but there is not unless you have some uniquely designed washer/dryers. They basically shove a water & dryer connection into the pantry area and there is no exhaust outing even available for the dryer! There is mold that grows in the restroom and unless you keep up with it every week it grows more and more. You can see the mold on the outside of the some of the buildings too. The plumbing is horrible dont expect to throw big turds down the toilet without a plunger nearby. We havent been able to throw toilet paper in the toilet since we moved in even after several maintenance request. There are 2 washer/dryer facilities. Dont ever bother using the back one. The one by the office they just installed new ones but still some manage to either work or not work and I mean they either dont drain the water after the wash cycle or they dont dry at all. Dont expect it to be the same ones that work either so you will always have a surprise when you wash clothes unless your just a lucky bastard! A recommendation is SUDSY'S s Medical. Its the closest washeteria and is top notch! The office staff is somewhat ok. Elvia is really nice and seems to want to be helpful but with the apartment community she is at she is very limited with what she can do. Poor lady she deserves to work at a better apartment complex. Theres always little rascals running amuck on the property so driving slow is a must although some dont! The pool is clean sometimes and sometimes it is nasty. I still wouldnt trust myself or my kids in the water evn if it is clean! That pretty much sums up the complex. IF you do decide to move in for whatever reasons I know its tough out in the world and we are sometimes not given too much of an option then I wish you luck. This is just my experience hopefully you have better :)
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Oak Creek Apartments

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