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Oak Hills Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2002
I lived at these apartments for approximately a year and a half. For the first couple of months, every time I had a problem the management would send someone out to fix it in a reasonable amount of time. But as time passed, things started going downhill. First it started with my a/c unit. One hot summer day, it started blowing hot air instead of cold air. I called the management out to tell them about it and they told me they would have it fixed as soon as possible. Well, a few days passed (mind you it was summertime) and they still hadn’t gotten anyone to come out and have a look at it. Finally the maintenance man showed up, after repeated phone calls to the management office, and after looking at it, concluded that it just needed to be recharged with a little freon. Well, he refilled it and about two hours later it started blowing hot air again. I called the office again, so they sent the maintenance guy over to look at it again. This time he said that the a/c unit would have to be replaced, but that unfortunately at the time he didn´t have any new units available and plus still had to deal with other apartments that were having the same problem. Well, it wasn’t until around a week and about 50 complaints later that he finally showed up at my apartment. At that point he proceeded to inform me that the office still hadn´t received any new a/c units (because it was supposedly supposed to be a brand-new unit), but that he could take one from a vacant apartment and install that one instead. I was kind of upset about that, but I agreed to it because it was unbearably hot in my apartment. <br><br>Then various other things started falling apart. One time my dishwasher started overflowing into the neighbor’s kitchen below me. The strange thing was that I hadn’t ever used it since I moved into the apartment! I had called them a few times regarding this instance, but never once did they come out and check the problem out. They just told me to stop using the machine! I did tell them that I never used the machine so how would that prevent the same thing from happening again. They just said they would go out and have a look at it later on in the day, but never did. It wasn’t until the neighbor below me ended up having her kitchen light bulb explode that they finally had it fixed! <br><br>Then we proceed to the light flickering problem. During periodic times of the day the lights would flicker like crazy. It was kind of like being in the scene of a horror movie. Not only that, but every time I would use the microwave half the power of the apartment would go out! It was so annoying because it was starting to become a pain to have to reset the breakers all the time. And this problem was relayed to the management also. About a week later, they sent the maintenance guy out there to have a look at it. When he arrived, he opened the circuit breaker box and took out the breaker, blew on it and where it had been sitting, and then got a knife out and scrapped some of the rust off it. Well, it wasn’t but like 3 days later that I started having the same problem again. I called them many times to come and fix it thereafter. Unsurprisingly, the maintenance guy never showed up. I started getting frustated because at this point not only were the lights flickering but strange buzzing noises were also coming from the fuse box. I told them about the concern and they finally got the maintenance guy out again and he replaced the bad fuse. Later, I asked them what had caused the delay and they told me it was because they didn´t have any extra fuses at the time. <br><br>Then, I started having a major problem flushing the toilet. It would take about 5-10 flushes, if I was lucky, to get it to finally flush correctly. I told them about that problem and until the day I moved out they still hadn’t fixed it. That problem was there for well over a year while I lived there. Not only that but the showerhead started spraying all over the place too. Luckily, they fixed that problem fairly quickly. The bathtub also always filled up with water when I would take a shower. It was like I was taking a bath instead, but that was a problem with the type of drain plug the bathtub had. <br><br>Then the drainage gutters would fall down all the time, especially when it rained or was slightly windy. They would hang with one half on the roof and the other half on the ground, which would cause a rather annoying viewing obstruction when looking out the window. For the longest time I could not get these people to come out and pick them back up or remove them. The whole reason they had fallen down in the first place was because the wood had been rotting over a long period of time. This really bothered me because not only did these drainage gutters fall down all of the time, but also parts of the roof would fall down right along with it. This made the exterior portion of the apartment look like a dump and could have also caused a serious safety hazard. I finally complained long enough and they had someone come out and renail it to the part of the wood that wasn’t completely rotted! I mean, wasn´t that the whole reason the things kept coming down in the first place? <br><br>Undoubtedly, the outside of this complex is in dire need of repairs! I mean the outside of it looks horrendous! It seems as though almost every one of the apartments had some type of wood rotting problem because there were pieces of the roofs dangling down along with some of the drainage gutters. The funny thing is that the new management company that took over claimed that they were supposedly going to remodel it. I tell you, I lived there almost three months after they took over and not once did I see this happening. In fact, I think things got worse once they took over. <br><br>One of the really bad things that also happened was that I had a bad carbon-monoxide leak that was coming from the furnace. I called them telling them I had suspected it but wasn’t sure if I was mistaken. The answering service "supposedly" left the management a message regarding this. Well, the NEXT DAY I had a horrible headache, felt extremely nauseated, and light-headed. It wasn’t until I left the apartment that I started feeling better. I was so angry because I had stayed the whole night at the apartment like that and no one had come to fix the problem! So I called them back again and told them what had happened to me. Shortly thereafter, they sent the maintenance guy over. When he arrived he didn’t have a carbon-monoxide tester with him! His excuse was that the apartment complex hadn’t provided him with one but not to worry because he could tell just by looking at what color the flame in the furnace was burning. After looking it over he said I indeed did have a carbon-monoxide leak. He fixed it, but throughout the rest of my stay, the apartment still smelled kind of funny. <br><br>Then the plumbing was always messing up. They had to keep shutting off the water on a daily basis. It got to the point to where there was always water all over the apartment complex. Not only that but you’d also always have to worry about whether you would have water to take a bath with in the morning. And as if that wasn’t enough, then the water started coming out an ugly rusty color along with a bunch of red sandy looking stuff. Sometimes you had to wait several minutes for the water to finally come out clear and if you forgot you would have to take a shower more than one time to remove the rust and dirt from your hair. When you would step outside there was usually all of this pretty red colored sand all over the place (sidewalks, parking lot, grass, it was unavoidably everywhere). And if you weren’t careful, you could slip and fall when you stepped on it. These problems still existed even after I moved out. <br><br>Then the boiler room had a leaking problem too. If it wasn’t the water pipes creating a lake of water around the complex it was the boiler room. No matter what we always seemed to have one or the other. For a while there I thought they were making a new pool in the middle of the parking lot. This water must have caused the streets to start eroding because it usually seemed as though I was driving out on the rugged-terrain. The whole experience was always a rather bumpy one. <br><br> And the actual pool itself? Ugh, don´t let me start on that one. All I have to say is that it was closed the whole summer because it was too filthy for anyone to swim in. <br><br>Moving on. The managers of the complex were very rude and usually unresponsive. Giving them complaints about anything was almost useless. One of their biggest problems is that they would not do anything about any types of complaints like loud music, annoying neighbors, etc. It was also rather difficult to get them to fix anything on the property. Most of the time, it would take almost literally a million phone calls before they would decide to do anything. The bottom line is this place wastes effort and a gives migraine headaches when dealing with it. <br><br>And I might also add, that when you move out the management company ends up taking more than 30 days to give your deposit back. And when you call to inquire on it, they are very rude and give you the run-around. You can’t get them to tell you when they will mail it to you or how much they will be refunding you. Not only that but if you start complaining about their service they hang up on you! <br><br>Overall, I would totally not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever rent at this complex again or any other apartment complex affiliated with their management company. These people are the rudest, most unorganized, and meanest individuals I have ever had the unfortunate privelage of meeting! This place should not ever be thought of as a new home to anyone or even be acknowledged as existing on the face of the earth. These apartments are disgustingly over-priced, kept in a horrible condition, and a list of many other things. There are a lot of other nicer-looking apartments that are better quality, at the same price or less, with the same or more appealing specials, friendlier staff and management, more competent maintenance personnel, better customer service, and less hassles than this place.
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